Square Shower Pan 4’x6’ Offset Drain

Square Shower Pan 3’x5’ Offset Drain
March 13, 2018
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Square Shower Pan 4’x6’ Offset Drain

48″x72″x1.5″ Shower pan offset drain


48″x72″x1.5″ Square Shower pan offset drain

The flush with the floor, tileable shower pan/base with factory integrated point drainage and slopes are available in so many design variants and sizes that they fit any bathroom.

1, It’s pre-sloped, no need to worry about the slope when building it.
2, Fully factory sealed and integrated drainage systems, very easy to install.
3, Floor level.
4, Waterproof as well as mold proof.
5, Light weight but strong and ready for tiling surface coating.
6, Very easy to cut, only need a knife.
7, Size can be customized.